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Diary on the Wall (Feature Film)

LOGLINE: This is the incredible true story of a 1980s Detroit teenagegirl, obsessed withher idol RickJames, who escapes her unstablehome life andrunsaway to Californiadetermined to track him down.While evading the police, her mother and homelessness,she eventually meets him and the two become lifelong friends.

SYNOPSIS: It's 1980 in Detroit, Michigan a 15-year-old Dene Nichols would like nothing more than to escape her living situation. She lives at home with her mother, brother and a busive stepfather. And on the weekends, she’s forced to spend time with her biological father who teaches her how to smoke marijuana and may or may not be selling drugs from his home.

To escape the pain, Dene lives in an elaborate imaginative fantasy world. Her imagination turns into fixation when she gets introduced to the music of Super Freak himself.

Rick James has just released what would become his most success album ever and ison his way to super stardom. Dene becomes obsessed with the idea of meeting him.She loves everything about him, his style and his music, of course, but for Dene it goes deeper. Her room is covered with Rick James posters and album covers. She takes comfort and solace in confiding her darkest secrets to the image on the posters.

Convinced that becoming a ‘Mary Jane’ girl and touring with Rick would save her life,she spends every day after school working the phones trying to track him down. In the days before the internet she had to do this the old-fashioned way–using the telephone book and the credits on the back of album cover. Methodically she reaches out to every recording studio in California until one day pay dirt! She gets him on the phone and tells him an untruth, in the 1980s it was just a lie, about her school giving him an award and asks if he would come?

Sanctuary (Tv Series)

LOGLINE: Acunning strip club owner, in a small town sets her sights on opening a cannabis dispensary. An action that pits her against the law, the richest family intownand her biggest nemesis–a respected community leader who also happens to be her mother.

SYNOPSIS: JADE, having been born and raised in Pontiac is well known in the community. Her family history boasts a pedigree of doctors,scholars and men of the cloth. Her family name used to mean something here. That is until she sullied it by becoming a stripper and then a strip club owner-profiting off the flesh trade as the elders like to say. And now, she’s gone a step too far–she plans to cash in on the newly legalized cannabis market by opening a dispensary in the heart of the city. Right next door to The Museum of Pontiac across the street from City Council Chambers and down the block from the street named after her father.

Unfortunately, her timing couldn’t be worse. Just a month ago the city council president turned up dead-after being spotted leaving her club AND on the same night that the club’s most popular stripper and her boyfriend mysteriously disappeared. Most in the community suspect Jade is involved. And now, gunning for a promotion or simply some respect, LENNIE (40s), a hapless sheriff and strip club barfly-though let him tell it he’s only here for the chicken-has teamed with disgruntled resident and rabble-rousing reporter JAKE PONTIAC (30s) to investigate.

The unlikely duo and their unsanctioned investigation have created a public relations nightmare. But for Jade, the biggest things standing between her and her goal is THELOMAX TWINS (40), whose bid for a dispensary is all but a sure thing and MABLE(60s), respected community leader and Jade’s nemesis. Mable led the charge toward cleaning up the city. Ironically, the council president’s untimely death is the reason Mable was elected interim City Council president. She is staunchly against the legalization of cannabis and has made it her mission to repeal the law. Oh, and Mable,just happens to be Jade’s Mother.

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